Ultimate World

by Vinyl Williams

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released April 9, 2012

All music recorded, engineered, and written by Lionel Williams.


all rights reserved



Vinyl Williams Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Teal Palm
Operations gain into a looping space. I center my soul, the exposition dreams away. My condition has a medium to be. I center my soul to guide enchantments of the waves. Subterranean impressions to all else. A digital limb, a grand extension of yourself. Selling your love, selling your soul, selling it all.
Track Name: Chroma Heart
Anesthetizing our age, through seamless color I fantasize. Dusk shining a random strata into the night. Hypnotize the banquet. Scientific love affair, the end is near. The truth is you're in my heart. I've got to tell you, with my trusts resting on the true veil and my face in the jungle, calm off the sea without reason, you're in my heart.
Track Name: Magic Jungle
Measuring your archetype, raving through the holy geise. Anti-reality. Beings that step inside me. The concrete lives of everyone have not revealed each other.
Track Name: Real Life
Real life works through fantasy. I never wished you could know what I believe. Didn't you see me in the past? On a blue holiday? Real life is holding your sensibility at its highest risk. In between lives. Dual minds. Real life is wondering if it's a game even while it plays. Heiling at the future, are we not the eyes of the modern west? They're resting in disguise. Still spaces we occupy. Real life is golden. Ripped fabric of mystical gazes.

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