by Vinyl Williams

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Lemniscate is a 9 song LP style release by Vinyl Williams. 2 extra tracks come w/ the download.

"לאמניסכאט " הוא אלבום עם תשעה שירים על ידי ויניל וויליאמס. זה הוקלט בין/באמצע 2009 2011, והתאסף בקיץ של2011.

السحر يمنع الجانب الاخر



released November 12, 2012

All music recorded, engineered, and written by Lionel Williams.
Album photo by Jay Bender.


all rights reserved



Vinyl Williams Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Tokyo -> Sumatra
How is divination, honey? / I'm still running, yeah / Pure magic spheres hide your predictions / Won't you walk into the shadowy ether? / Faces that light each entrance to the deeper, depleted sensation
Track Name: Higher Worlds
Gold emanation / You want it all today / Design the happening of / You want it all today / The permanence of / You want it all today / The world, the one that we love / You want it all today / The higher worlds / Gold emanation / Necessary for the right time / Now this moment is a portal / Madness intervened / The last moon / Walking over, under sand dunes / A hermetic focus of delight / So it seems, particles of light / Enveloping sanity / The conduit of beings
Track Name: Stellarscope
Tell me if I'm still awake / I'm mirror dancing / Multi-colored waves and those contemptuous spells I take / Talking or nothing / Another universe without you / Tell me your mantra / I'm statued on the edge / Voice of my deja vu / Ride me to the spirit / A statue and its arms climbs up the mast to gain control / Has no way of knowing how to leap into the void
Track Name: Who Are You?
Define the world outside / There's a lot of dark on the road, just who are you? / Hold the secrets / Don't guide me to your own savior that fell down / You won't / Who aren't you? / Under the secrets, don't endure, don't repose the scene / There, we decide tarot / At least every time I go there / The maze is right under your nose, go right inside
Track Name: Grassy
Been stuck on the surface for long enough to notice to keep you alive / The road in has a surface made out of love / So we turn to the dark vacations / With all sights on the floor I would die for my deliberation / To fall towards the mouth of the cave
Track Name: Object Of The Source
Probably searching for me, yeah? / Man in the cloak, making gold out there / Are you stigmatized at the altar? / The headhunter / Count the words between us / The blessing of days with turbulence / And the magnetic field / Is it real again? / Are our eyes ready to see the conduit closing up? / Painted dreamers / Repent your belief / The object of the source / It's all turning around again / Who could ever stop me?
Track Name: Inner Space
Where've you gone to? / Can you feel it sometimes? / How we really are masters of time? / Fractals of the mind cannot be bound by 12 / Those that don't exist do not create themselves / Going around and around it again / Is it longing that decides to be the death of inner space? / If you're going to face me, face my mind
Track Name: Open Your Mind
Open your mind if you feel like it, if you connect / All we call regret knows you're wrong / The silhouette of your ambition / Duality becomes unity / You can see it right through me
Track Name: Follow In Your Dreams
Follow In Your Dreams / Just before the opening up, the book of eyes / The first that love / Half life, flux of design / Returning apples of the skies / Waves are guiding sounds / Servants of the clouds embarking

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